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Dear Friends,

In 1978, two weeks after the Jim Jones massacre, I participated in EST. Friends begged me not to go but I had a certain ambivalence about life. As 500 of us walked into the LA Convention Center and the doors shut, I thought, "At least I'm not in Guyana." This past week, I watched a stunning documentary, "Transformation" and I suggest anyone touched or interested in the history of the human potential movement take a look. It is about Werner Erhard, the controversial founder of EST and Landmark Education. I kind of forgot how much Werner Erhard and EST actually influenced our culture. Yes, it was coarse, rude, vulgar, visionary and optimistic. The 70's were the same. EST produced almost a million graduates and its successor touched millions around the world. In watching the documentary my "take away" is that before EST, Erhard abandoned his own family. At least to me, this represents a failure that exceeds virtually any failure or disappointment I could ever have found in my own life. This deeply flawed and charismatic figure didn't use that failure as a reason to settle for a failed life. He went ahead and created his training, the organizations that perpetuated and a couple of charitable institutions. In others words, Erhard found a way to use his own brand of brilliance for the good of the world. In listening to the rhetoric of EST in the 70's, it dawned on me how much of our current culture, like it or not, is influenced by what happened. Virtually any modern talent management - organization development program embraces the move from the militaristic management model to at least beginning the partnership of uncovering possibilities together. Much of today's marketing and language of aspiration was characterized in the 70's as so "EST."

Prior to the late 70's and early 80's, how common was it for people to be talking about making a difference? Were there shortcomings to the process? Of course, it was the 70's. I watched so many people stand up and make commitments to change the world but the vision wasn't specific and personalized enough to gain traction. Plus, the support behind a real vision needs to be well designed. Back then, we'd throw ourselves into these huge volunteer groups. But, just one support or networking group isn't going to make anyone fully successful. Werner made a certain kind of mess out of things. But, look at the impact of his taking action. Much of the media payed attention to the mistakes he made but paid little notice when he reconnected with his family and sought forgiveness and integrity. And for the rest of us, how many times have we been conditioned to settle for mediocrity in our purpose, our satisfaction and our ability to touch others because we failed once, twice, three times? In the years since, many of us have found that life represents an extraordinary platform with absolute choice between whether we settle or pursue meaning, growth, joy, love, beauty and fulfillments. These are characteristics that define my life today and those closest to me - so, I know it is possible. Can we make a mess out of things? Yes and we will. But let's explore the possibility that simply doing nothing will make more than a mess, it will create a nightmare.

Of course the choice of making a difference, of pursuing the greatness within ourselves, our coworkers, our friends and family requires courage. And yet, in the wake of that pursuit, if we persist and try again, and again and again and we when prevail, gratitude emerges. That is the measurement.

So, if you are so inclined, here a few questions to potentially answer. If you choose to participate, take out a piece of paper and take a few minutes to answer each question.

1. If I was going to make a difference today, who would I touch and what would I do to make their world better?

2. Where have I felt any sense of failure and how could I elevate my response?

3. What parts of my own mission, vision and purpose are worthy of persistence?

4. If I was going to transform the way I work, what would I change?


David Harder


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